Here one always feels well.
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The first beer barrels were filled by HBH “Juozo" beer brewery on 1st of May, 1995, in small village Žibininkai. A bar with three tables, containing only 18 people, was equipped near brewery for beer lovers. Thus, five members of Matulevičiai family, i.e., Rada, Juozas, Aida, Laura and Matas, succeeded to do everything: to brew beer, to prepare tasty food, to service the visitors and to chat with them. The popularity of bar had grown. The second hall was opened in October, and a little bit later – the third, fourth, fifth one, etc. Building and landscaping works of new restaurant premises and kitchens, as well as entertainment equipment works were started.

Today, we can welcome and take care after up to 1500 visitors in restaurant halls and at outdoor tables. Summer weekends are often so – only the mentioned flow of guests does not embarrass us, all are served with delicious dishes from kitchen “Rados virtuvė" and fresh drinks, beer and kvass from HBH brewery. During two decades we have really learned to work in the way You would like it. It does not matter, whether there are 15 or 1500 guests. It is HBH, here one always feels well.

Some figures:

  • During summer season we will find You a place in one of 5 buildings for guests. There are 4 kitchens and 6 bars. What is more, there is a pub of draft drinks and souvenirs and cafe with candy shop;
  • We can welcome the following number of guests: in the main building (in eight halls) – 509, Arbour – 112; Boat House – 168; Barbeque Bar – 278; at all outdoor tables  – 360; in balconies – 73;
  • We employ about 200 persons during summer, and about 100 employees during other seasons;
  • There are parking sites, containing approximately 400 cars;
  • There have been that You, our dear ones, ate 2 438 zeppelins, drank 2 tonnes of beer and 1 tonne of kvass per day. Enjoy ...