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April 1, 2007

This 1st of April was not an ordinary day. The sun was liberal with warmth and good moods. Some celebrated the Palm Sunday, others – the fool’s day, third participated in annual HBH „Juozo alus brewery“ running competitions.

At the initiative of Juozas Matulevicius there was one more sport event organized (Juozas is a permanent intiator and sponsor of sport events). In the Sculpture park nearby HBH „Juozo alus brewery“ there was hold „Jokes and Health Marathon“. 117 runners from all over Lithuania: Klaipeda, Kretinga, Kaunas, Gargzdai, Palanga, Silute, Skuodas, Vydmantai and other villages and towns – participated in it.

Runners who participated in the marathon were of different ages – from 2 to 66 years. With regard of the age group, winners were determined:

General sponsors of the event: „Bennet Distributors“ , „Cococola“, „Rolijona“, „Ragutis“ and others. Information sponsors: „Vakaru Ekspresas“, “Balticum TV“, „Kelyje“, “FM Palanga“ and others.

All the participants after the race were offered zeppelines from the Rada’s kitchen, kvass, Juozas’ beer and were awarded with prizes established by the sponsors. The participants were greeted and awarded by the owners of HBH „Juozo alus brewery“ Rada and Juozas Matulevicius.

HBH „Juozo alus brewery“ would like to thank the spotsmen, sponsors and all the others who helped to organize this wonderful Spring holiday.

HBH „Juozo alus brewery“
„Jokes and Health Marathon“