Here one always feels well.
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About us

To begin with, we are a large family of friendly, courteous and creative people, who have been working for almost two decades in the way that You would always feel well here. HBH leisure and entertainment complex near Palanga can offer You a rich and tasty food, a small and comfortable hotel, what is more, one can enjoy various entertainment means. It is worth mentioning that HBH has been also operating near Vilnius since 2011. Here our dear visitors are welcome in the restaurant with banquet halls and a variety of entertainment.

Our guests from Lithuania and other countries like HBH primarily due to good beer and tasty food. Here one can try three types of beer “Juozo alus” and home-made kvass “Rados gira”. The kitchen “Rados virtuvė” will offer You excellent, traditional Lithuanian and Samogitian dishes, most of which are marked with mark of “Culinary heritage”.

Various sports, entertaining and cultural events, concerts are organized here, at HBH complex. Furthermore, there are banquet halls in all restaurants, where we can organize a great feast for any occasion. We also have a dance hall and winter garden.

All this and even more You can find at HBH leisure and entertainment complex. Perhaps, there are a few, who have not visited us yet. If You are one of them, be sure to stop by. Here one always feels well.